Where's the beef? Michigan State aims to find out

A small herd of cattle from Michigan State University was recently slaughtered with two goals: boosting the amount of locally produced food on campus and creating a system of tracking beef from the farm to the plate. FULL STORY »

Western ranchers fight push to give up brands

Ranchers have long used brands to keep track of their cattle and deter rustlers, but many now fear branding will become just another relic of the Old West as federal regulators look for new ways to track meat from hoof to plate. FULL STORY »

Michigan State University to extend farm to plate program

A pilot program at Michigan State University may soon allow consumers to learn more about the exact animal and farm their beef came from with a quick scan of the package’s barcode. FULL STORY »

Livestock ID and disease traceback benefits consumers Play video

The government's animal identification system will allow traceback of livestock diseases through the use of ear tags or other ID methods. Michelle Rook reports on how that will directly benefit consumers. FULL STORY »

Allflex acquires Destron Fearing Corp.

Allflex USA, Inc. has expanded its business in animal identification technology, with news it has acquired Destron Fearing Corporation the animal-identification branch of Digital Angel Corp., for $25 million in cash. FULL STORY »

50 beef cattle profit tips

The combination of high cattle prices and high input prices does not necessarily mean that beef cattle producers will be profitable. FULL STORY »

Disease traceability - Dr. Robert Fourdraine Play video

Dr. Robert Fourdraine, COO of the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium, discusses the Wisconsin program and the pending national system for livestock traceability. FULL STORY »

Meat exports: Protecting our position

Lack of a comprehensive system for livestock traceability has not yet hurt U.S. meat exports, but could cause lost market share in the future, says meat-industry consultant Marcine Muldenhauer. FULL STORY »

Tighter cattle ID rule for brucellosis zone in Wyoming

Concerns in Colorado and Nebraska have prompted Wyoming to adopt a new rule for identifying cattle from an area where they might have been exposed to brucellosis. FULL STORY »

Nebraska mandates tougher ID requirements for imported cattle

Cattle and bison imported to Nebraska from the Yellowstone region of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming soon will face tougher identification requirements. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Traceability plan taking shape -- maybe

Most stakeholders in the U.S. beef industry agree that we need some kind of national system for tracking movement of cattle for disease intervention. FULL STORY »

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