Global Animal Management Inc. (GAM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, is making age and source verification easier for sale barns, feedlots and dairy calf ranches by offering new functionality that allows them to age and source verify cattle on-site in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Process Verified Programs (PVP).

Many producers do not have the facilities on their farms to individually tag their cattle,” said Jim Heinle, president of Global Animal Management. “Tagging stations and dairy calf ranch functionality enable cattle producers to obtain greater flexibility and options for meeting USDA approved age and source verified cattle, which can result in higher premiums and added-value for the producer.”

Westlake Cattle Growers LLC, located in Cochise, Ariz., recently became a certified tagging station and has added age and source verification to the many services offered at their facility.

“Tagging stations are a benefit to the cattle industry because it takes the burden of age and source verification off of the producer,” said Jake Thrasher, assistant manager, information technology at Westlake Cattle Growers LLC. “By age and source verifying cattle on-site, we are able to offer producers a valuable service, which helps their bottom line and gives them piece of mind.”

A tagging station is the first destination from birthplace of origin in which cattle are tagged. Certified tagging stations are authorized through external standard operation procedures (SOPs) designated by Global Animal Management used in conjunction with Tri-Merit® or Auction CheckTM, GAM’s Web-based applications used to record, track and process animal age, source, and health processes information. Producers are able to use any International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliant radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag with the Tri-Merit or Auction Check systems.

Dairy calf ranches also can be certified for age and source verification and operate under GAM’s external SOPs. The dairy calf ranch functionality allows calf ranches to age and source verify their bull calves after pick up from the dairy.  GAM performs audits of all tagging stations and dairy calf ranches to ensure certification on an annual basis.

Bill Silva, co-owner of Bootsma Silva Calf Ranch in San Jacinto, Calif., says that age and source verification is a major selling point for their steers.

“More and more we are finding that exporters are requiring age and source verified cattle,” said Silva. “With this system, we are able to provide them with exactly what they need.”

“GAM is continuously pursuing technologies and information management solutions which help cattlemen find ways to achieve higher value for their animals,” said Heinle. “Tagging stations and the dairy calf ranch functionality are new industry approaches that will enable broader opportunities for producers to participate in value-added programs.”

GAM offers products and services for individual or group animal identification, storage, processing, analysis and reporting. GAM was the first company to have USDA interim-approved identification database with electronic ear tags approved by the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

For more information on tagging station or dairy calf ranch certification, contact your local GAM representative at (800) 235-9824 or log on to