Grazing management benefits cattle and deer

Ranchers continue to face tremendous challenges with drought and increasing input costs. This has led many to seek alternatives that are both ecologically sustainable and economically feasible to keep their operation going. FULL STORY »

Learning how calves perform post weaning

Deciding how to market calves following weaning is based on several factors including current prices. The three general management options following weaning are: 1) sell at weaning, 2) background the calf or 3) retain ownership. FULL STORY »

It’s all about mindset

Bud Williams, the originator of LSLH, stressed the importance of five requisite elements or foundational layers of LSLH before talking about principles, techniques and practical applications. The first layer, the one upon which the other four rest, is mindset. FULL STORY »

The impact of dressing percent on cull cow marketing

Cull cows that are destined to go to the packing house are graded by their fleshiness. The fattest cows are called “Breakers.” Moderately fleshed cows are “Boners.” Thin cows are called “Leans” or “Lights,” depending upon the weight of the cow. There will be price differences among these four grades. FULL STORY »

Fall calving when the opportunity strikes

Weather and natural resources permitting, cow-calf producers may find benefits in utilizing a fall calving program. FULL STORY »

XUV 855 Power Steering

Combining power steering with diesel power, durability and toughness, the 30 MPH, 22.8 HP John Deere Gator XUV855D features updates that enhance ... Read More

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