Frey Angus Ranch has 60 years of experience breeding and selecting cattle that are acceptable in size, correct in structure and sound in their movement. Frey Angus are functional on the range, in the feedlot, and desirable as the end product to the consumer.   Frey Angus raises cattle that calve easy, breed back quickly, milk and grow.  They do it consistently and in a superior manner.  Their records show it, their cattle prove it and Frey guarantees it. They intend to see to it that their cattle make a difference in your program.

Their program is a simple one. It is a program where performance testing

breeds performance. It is a program where the cow herd makes the difference.  Each cow has to make a difference and that difference is measured in the average results in the bulls selling: average moderate birth weights of 81 lbs., average weaning weights of over  750 lbs., and average yearling weights of over 1250 lbs. These are fertile, mature and active bulls with balanced EPD's and exceptional individual performance that also includes carcass information determined by ultrasound.  These bulls will be delivered after April 1st at no charge with an unconditional guarantee for injury through the first breeding season.  Most importantly, these bulls will work.   They are bred and developed to do so. The kind that makes a difference.

At Frey Angus Ranch, you will be able to select from 140 valued added bulls where profit and quality are stressed right down to the last bull to sell.  The offering has a strong maternal influence of FAR KRUGERRAND 410H, the 2002 National Western Champion bull bred by Frey Angus Ranch. Many of his daughters have produced sons by SAV NETWORTH 4200, SITZ UPWARD 307R, SAV KING OF MOUNTAIN, & SAV PROVIDENCE.  Sires featured for the Red Angus bulls selling are SVR GANGSTER 14S and RED FINELINE MULBERRY 26P.  Count on these bulls to make a difference in your operation's profit.

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