Ridder Hereford Ranch celebrated its 100th year in the cattle business this year. Ridder Ranch is located west of Callaway in Nebraska's great Sandhills.

Their goals at the ranch remain steadfast: to produce high maternal, low birth weight, easy fleshing, low maintenance, and great disposition cattle.

Great disposition cattle should not be underestimated. It's one of the first things their customers mention: Hereford cattle from the ranch are quiet and easy to work with.

Their customers -- recent and long-time -- are tremendous supporters of their purebred Hereford bulls and females. "They say" that a picture is worth a thousand words. For Ridder Ranch, a satisfied customer is worth even more.  

In the early 1970’s they bought their first Line 1 Herd Sire - 1002. When they looked at his hide today, they are amazed at his size and thickness.

In 1988, they purchased their first Canadian Herd Sire with the goal of adding more thickness and muscle to their herd. They accomplished this with 38X and got a super-disposition Herd Sire in the bargain.

Since then, they have purchased both Line 1 and Canadian Herd Sires, paying extremely close attention to the "un-measurable traits".

Many important factors contribute to making a cowherd as productive and uniform as possible. You can select and select for numbers, EPD-wise, and for level of performance. But still, the "un-measurable traits" need focus:

    * Eye and bag pigment

    * Disposition

    * Correct udders and short teats

    * Fleshing ability

All of these traits contribute to the Complete Super Cow.

To learn more about the Ridder Hereford Ranch visit www.RidderRanch.com