BeefTalk: Try hard for less than 3 percent calf death loss

The death of a calf never is uneventful. Calves are tough, so most survive in good or bad weather. However, some don't survive. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Preparing for a dry year using lazy L culling

Looking at the drought forecast certainly causes concern. It's not panic, just concern. In some areas, the lack of precipitation persists, while other areas are candidates for less precipitation. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Plan ahead instead of reacting; sell infertile cows

Now is the time to be thinking just how many cow-calf pairs should be turned out to grass. Stocking rates and grazing dates should have been planned and set. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: I wish they were all like that one!

What could the world be? There are times when that is a good question to ask. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Carcass merit pays

At one time, the carcass that is on the rail had a home. At one point, a producer made the decision to mate cows to a particular bull. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: The $2,017.31 carcass

More carcass evaluation ramblings? Perhaps one could forgo carcass evaluations, but that would be a big mistake. All the money that comes into the beef industry ultimately comes from the product hanging on the rail. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: The world of genetic marketing

Which calf was the most profitable? Was it a calf with a carcass value of $211.48, carcass weight of 680 pounds and a total value of $1,438.06 or a calf with a carcass value of $185.48, carcass weight of 1,017 pounds and a total value of $1,886.33? FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: It is in caring that we will survive

Most farms, ranches and homes have a dog. In fact, a dog's loyalty and duty to their home is commendable. Those long walks through the cattle pens are better with a loyal dog. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Understanding things we do not control

Discussing beef value always generates a lively response. The relationship between seller and buyer always rests in fairness. However, the documentation of what is fair is difficult, if not impossible. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: The heavier-conditioned, large steer with no muscle

What does it mean when the highest total dollar value received per carcass from a set of steers goes to the steer with the least muscle? He wins the class, despite his heavier-conditioned, overly large carcass with poor muscle, but he graded choice. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Cattle size is different than cow size

This discussion starts with a very popular topic, which is cattle size. One could say cow, bull or calf size. FULL STORY »

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