Genetic considerations for the cowherd

Science, or rather advancements in science, allow for new or revised tools to aid in selection and management of beef cattle. FULL STORY »

Creating superior carcasses by using technology

Yield Grade 1 carcasses occur 12.4% of the time in the fed cattle population. Rarer are cattle that grade USDA Prime, approximately 2.25% of the population. What are the chances of a Prime Yield Grade 1? Approximately 0.03% of the fed beef population in the U.S. matches the desired Prime Yield Grade 1 carcass. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Live bait is not needed to catch fish

Some would say they do a lot of contemplating while fishing. While contemplating, one's mind should ponder about things. In the beef world, perhaps it is all right to ponder on bull selection. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: What's in the bull soup?

Buying bulls is like making soup. You put in a bit of this and a bit of that and in the end, you have good soup. Likewise, a piece of this and a piece of that and you assemble a good bull. Unlike the soup you make from scratch, the bull already is made, but you have to find him. FULL STORY »

Picking profitable replacement heifers

What’s the best strategy to use when selecting replacements? Record setting prices for cattle and calves combined with lower feed costs certainly have sparked a renewed sense of optimism among cow/calf producers. FULL STORY »

Drop the cow from cow-calf production? Play video

Cow maintenance represents a considerable cost to ranchers, but today’s technology could offer alternatives. FULL STORY »

Progress in high gear Play video

Oklahoma rancher Joe Mayer knows it's hard to tell genetic merit just by looking at an animal's appearance. That's why he documents genetics and recently began using DNA tests to help with breeding decisions. FULL STORY »

The future of animal breeding as it pertains to cattle feeding

Dr. Pritchard wrapped up the two day genomic conference sharing his vision of the future of animal breeding in the seedstock sector as it pertains to feedlot industry. FULL STORY »

Introduction to DNA testing in beef cattle Play video

Dr. Spangler discussed the impact of DNA technology on the beef cattle industry and current types of testing conducted in the study of beef cattle genetics. FULL STORY »

Marbling and reproduction go hand-in-hand Play video

James Henderson, of Bradley 3 Ranch near Memphis, Texas, says marbling—a key carcass trait—may be one of the most important reproductive traits he can select for. Watch this clip to see why. FULL STORY »

Understanding bulls' gene-rich Y chromosomes to improve fertility

The Y chromosomes of cattle have more genes and are more active than the Y chromosomes of other primates, according to researchers. FULL STORY »

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