Cow-calf producers should focus on fertility

When considering all of the traits of importance to today's cattleman and current market prices for all classes of beef cattle, the primary focus of any cow-calf producer should be fertility. FULL STORY »

How does the cost of AI compare to natural service?

Artificial insemination (AI) has been a tool available to beef producers for decades. FULL STORY »

Timing for a breeding soundness evaluation

Q. What are all the aspects of a breeding soundness evaluation for a bull, when should this be done, and how often? FULL STORY »

Bull rush: Record Angus sales augur beefed-up U.S. herd

Kramers Mandate, a majestic 13-month-old weighing nearly 1,300 lb (590 kg), commanded the highest price for a breeding bull in the 44-year history of an annual auction in Illinois. FULL STORY »

The advantages of crossbreeding

According to the January 2012 USDA Cattle Inventory report, retained heifer numbers were up 1.4 percent. FULL STORY »

Using artificial insemination in very warm weather

The high temperature in Altus, Oklahoma on April 1st was 98 degrees F. (No April Fool’s joke intended! It was just 93 degrees in Stillwater.) FULL STORY »

CSU professor works to ID risk of high altitude disease in cattle

A Colorado State University professor is researching data-based tools to find ways to identify pulmonary hypertension, also known as brisket disease, in cows and their offspring. FULL STORY »

Breeding soundness exams for bulls – know he’s ready

Bulls exhibiting low fertility levels can result in poor female pregnancy rates and significantly reduces profitability. Annual breeding soundness exams should be conducted on all breeding bulls to ensure reproductive fertility. FULL STORY »

Management of young bulls before and after the breeding season

Yearling bulls should be in condition score 6 before the start of the breeding season. This is usually not a problem as these bulls would be coming off of a growing/development ration. FULL STORY »

Survey results: Bull buying habits

The survey asked them to rank the top 5 items they look for in a bull purchase. FULL STORY »

Resynchronization: An option for the small cow-calf rancher

I had a meeting last month comparing the costs per pregnancy for natural service and estrous synchronization and AI. FULL STORY »

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