Stable Flies

Keeping flies off cattle prevents stress and weightloss

Shoo, fly! With summer upon us, it is important to keep flies off of cattle. FULL STORY »

Fly control averts lost animal performance

Flies, primarily horn flies, cause a loss in animal performance. We usually say the economic threshold for flies is around 200 per head. FULL STORY »

Strategies to stamp out stable flies

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are developing improved methods to locate stable fly habitats, finding easier and more efficient ways to control them. FULL STORY »

Controlling flies on pastured cattle

With record setting temperatures this spring insects are making an earlier appearance this year. Horn flies, face flies and even stable flies have been observed on grazing animals recently. FULL STORY »

Suppression of stable flies on cattle

The most significant livestock pest in the United States is the stable fly. Its painful bite and blood-feeding stresses cattle and causes them to injure themselves trying to escape attack. FULL STORY »

Fly control for the beef herd

The necessity for a fly control program for beef herds is inevitable and now is the time to plan your's for this year. FULL STORY »

Are flies bugging your cattle?

Every spring, our thoughts turn from calving season to breeding season, green grass, rainy days and warmer temperatures. But with the growing pastures and pleasant temperatures come some disadvantages as well - fly season is upon us. FULL STORY »

Treating stable flies in pastures

USDA scientists are developing strategies to help livestock producers control stable flies, the most damaging arthropod pests of cattle in the United States. FULL STORY »

Protecting cattle from horn flies

The most damaging insect pest for beef cattle in Texas is the horn fly. FULL STORY »

Fly control for beef cattle

There isn’t really a “best thing” for flies. Each producer should consider the options and choose the one that is best for his individual situation. FULL STORY »

Fly control for California cattle

Cattle pests, such as flies, cost cattlemen both in treatment expenditures and in lost production, due to irritation of the pests and the diseases they cause or transmit. FULL STORY »

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