Stable Flies

Summer fly control on cattle

With summer conditions come the worry and loss associated with fly infestations of cattle. FULL STORY »

Biological control of flies in cattle feedlots

The stable fly and house fly are the major insect pests associated with cattle feedlots. FULL STORY »

External parasites on beef cattle

Arthropod pests limit production in the beef cattle industry by affecting animals in many ways. External parasites are the most serious threat since they feed on body tissues. FULL STORY »

Anaplasmosis may be more common, widespread this year

An abundance of insects borne by an early spring could mean an earlier-than-normal occurrence of a sometimes fatal cattle disease called anaplasmosis, said Tom Troxel, associate head-animal science for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. FULL STORY »

Stable fly control

Stable flies are monitored by counting flies on all four legs of about 15 animals in the herd. Treatment is warranted when counts reach an average of 10 flies per animal. FULL STORY »

Controlling flies on pastured cattle

With record setting temperatures this spring insects are making an earlier appearance this year. FULL STORY »

Fly control near livestock facilities

The stable fly and house fly are the major insect pests at confined livestock units. FULL STORY »

Controlling house and stable flies

Face and horn flies get a lot of attention for cattle and dairy herds, but there are a couple of other flies that are a nuisance during the summer months. FULL STORY »

Control of stable flies and house flies

Stable flies and house flies are major pests near confined livestock facilities, cattle feedlots, and dairies, and cost livestock producers millions of dollars annually, especially in the more humid environment of eastern South Dakota. FULL STORY »

Best management practices for fly control

It’s that time of year when all livestock producers should be implementing fly management strategies. FULL STORY »

Cattle Health: Those Pesky Flies

Middle of summer, rain, and flies are everywhere. Flies are a major cause of discomfort and diseases of cattle and horses. The biting flies are especially troublesome. Other non-biting flies around the face contribute to pink eye problems as pink eye is caused by a bacteria, moraxella bovis. FULL STORY »

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