Stable Flies

Best management practices for fly control

It’s that time of year when all livestock producers should be implementing fly management strategies. There are several management decisions that can be made that will greatly decrease fly populations in and around livestock facilities. FULL STORY »

Remember Fly Control For Cattle This Summer

Fly infestations of cattle are a real concern during the summer months. Typical flying insects that can cause problems in Illinois include stable flies, house flies, horn flies, face flies, mosquitoes, horse flies and deer flies. FULL STORY »

Cow/Calf: Clean Winter Feeding Sites By End Of May For Most Impact

Many cow-calf producers use temporary feeding sites over the winter and early spring months to provide supplemental forage and protection from cold weather. FULL STORY »

Biological Fly Control For Kansas Feedlots: Flies In Feedlots

Two species of flies occur in Kansas cattle feedlots - house flies and stable flies. The house fly is only a nuisance, whereas the stable fly causes economic loss. FULL STORY »

Fly Control Measures

You should not wait until a problem exists to begin a fly control program. Flies are among the most difficult pests to control. A good program needs to be in place before fly numbers increase. Often flies are hidden during a portion of their lifecycle making them undetectable. FULL STORY »

Don’t let hay feeding breed flies

Flies aren’t much of a problem at this time of year in most grazing areas, but they certainly could become one next spring. FULL STORY »

Cattle behavior tells which flies are biting

Cattle are not passive hosts to the various flies pestering them. FULL STORY »

Fly control begins with knowing flies (Pest control)

Four fly species account for the majority of losses in beef production: house flies, horn flies, stable flies and face flies. FULL STORY »

Controlling stable flies (Management)

Winter-feeding sites can make excellent breeding grounds for stable flies, says Kansas State University livestock entomologist Alberto Broce. FULL STORY »

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