Six Reasons To Choose Pyramid 5 For Your Beef Operation
Pyramid vaccines with Metastim provide adjuvanted MLV protection.

Six Reasons to Use Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ
Two leading respiratory vaccines in one dose.

BVD Short Course – BVD Control: Don’t Let It Creep In
John Schnackel, DVM, Fort Dodge Animal Health senior veterinary consultant, points out some of the ways in which cow/calf producers often inadvertently introduce or re-introduce BVD into their herds, as well as some ideas on how to help bar those entry points.

Bovine Biologicals Technical Bulletin: Pyramid Pregnant Cow Safety Trials
Pyramid safety in pregnant cows and heifers was demonstrated in trials conducted in three separate herds totaling more than 1,400 animals.

Bovine Biologicals Technical Bulletin – Bovine Virus Diarrhea
BVDV, one of the most significant diseases of cattle, is associated with a variety of health problems, and a major virus associated with bovine respiratory disease.

Bovine Biologicals Technical Bulletin: MetaStim Adjuvant Technology Utilized in Pyramid Cattle Vaccines
Pyramid cattle vaccines are the first modified-live virus (MLV) bovine vaccines to incorporate an adjuvant into its production.