Feed Efficiency

CME: Livestock sectors adjust to higher feed costs in 2011

2011 will go down in the history books as a year of continued adjustments for the U.S. beef, pork and broiler sectors. FULL STORY »

Solving the efficiency puzzle: Are we missing something?

There has been a tremendous buzz throughout the beef industry the last few years and the buzz is “efficiency”. FULL STORY »

Know the cull cow grades before you sell

Many Southwest United States cow herds have been culled as much as possible. Some culling of beef cows occurs in most herds every year. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Reproduction - Invest in heifer development

With the cow herd at its lowest level since 1973, drought in the southern range states and optimism for increased export demand, the stage is set for heifer retention to increase over the next few years. FULL STORY »

I'm a Drover: 40 years of innovation

Decatur County Feed Yard continues its pursuit of customer profitability. FULL STORY »

Air emissions and animal agriculture

“Air Emissions and Animal Agriculture” provides science-based information on food animal production in the United States and the odors and air emissions associated with livestock and poultry production. FULL STORY »

Pulmotil approved for BRD

Pulmotil® (tilmicosin) provides innovative in-feed control for respiratory disease in beef and non-lactating dairy cattle. FULL STORY »

US FDA approves new BRD therapy

Pulmotil® (tilmicosin) provides innovative in-feed control for respiratory disease in beef and non-lactating dairy cattle FULL STORY »

Factors in feedyard profit

Feedyard data were analyzed on 443,129 head collected from January, 2004 through December, 2009. During this period, slaughter prices ranged from $0.75/cwt to $1.00/cwt, ration costs ranged from $153/T to $315/T, and the Choice-Select carcass price spread ranged from $0/cwt to $23/cwt. FULL STORY »

Growing demand for food being met by larger commercial farms

Without a significant change in the number of US farms, productivity has increased substantially over the past three decades. But how has that occurred. After studying the agricultural census since 1987, USDA economists have determined the secret lies in who is producing and how it is being produced. FULL STORY »

Nutrition, age grouping keys to efficient winter cattle feeding

Drought-ravaged pastures and tight hay supplies means that cattle producers must take extra care this winter to balance the right amount of forage and supplement for their breeding females, especially the young animals. FULL STORY »

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