Feed Efficiency

BeefTalk: School bells are ringing

Fall, despite the ups and downs of weather and other difficult issues, always means a new school year. Summer vacation is over and life starts to migrate toward thoughts of learning and advancing in life. FULL STORY »

Explaining "shipping fever"

Bovine respiratory disease, also called “shipping fever”, also accounts for major economic losses to the producer by reducing average daily gain, feed efficiency, and overall performance of beef calves. FULL STORY »

Early weaning: Feedlot issues

Early weaned calves come to the feedlot with some baggage. Their light weight makes them an odd duck from the standpoint of facilities and feeding management. But the primary concern is immune function. FULL STORY »

The economic cost of feedlot BRD

BRD causes an estimated $800 million to $900 million annually in economic losses from death, reduced feed efficiency, and treatment costs. The majority of deaths due to BRD occur shortly after arrival to the feedlot or within the first 45 days. FULL STORY »

Economic effects of BRD on feedlot cattle during backgrounding and finishing

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is the most common disease among feedlot cattle in the United States. It accounts for approximately 75 percent of feedlot morbidity and 50 percent to 70 percent of all feedlot deaths. FULL STORY »

Scorching weather may call for creep feeding of calves

The oppressive heat wave that has scorched pastures and dried water sources in recent weeks should have farmers in the Northeast thinking about using creep feeding for beef calves FULL STORY »

Creep feeding for beef calves—Know your numbers

Beef cow-calf producers should calculate the economic return for creep feeding calves each year. FULL STORY »

Amino acid balancing to minimize N excretion

One nutritional tool that is gaining popularity to minimize nitrogen excretion is amino acid balancing. FULL STORY »

MINTREX earns new feed-ingredient definition

MINTREX chelated trace minerals from Novus International, Inc., belongs to a new feed ingredient category. FULL STORY »

Calf preconditioning: The best for both worlds

Calf preconditioning can help boost producers’ profits; eliminate buyers’ risk. FULL STORY »

Calf Preconditioning: The best for both worlds

Nearly all cow/calf producers will say their goal is to sell calves for a premium on sale day. However, most buyers will say their objective is to buy healthy calves as economically as possible. While these may seem like competing interests, both buyers and sellers can get what they want with calf preconditioning programs. FULL STORY »

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