Feed Efficiency

Amino acid balancing to minimize N excretion

One nutritional tool that is gaining popularity to minimize nitrogen excretion is amino acid balancing. FULL STORY »

Calf preconditioning: The best for both worlds

Calf preconditioning can help boost producers’ profits; eliminate buyers’ risk. FULL STORY »

Calf Preconditioning: The best for both worlds

Nearly all cow/calf producers will say their goal is to sell calves for a premium on sale day. However, most buyers will say their objective is to buy healthy calves as economically as possible. While these may seem like competing interests, both buyers and sellers can get what they want with calf preconditioning programs. FULL STORY »

DNA technology in the beef cattle industry

Beef industry innovators are looking at DNA technology as another selection tool for decisions that give them a marketing advantage. FULL STORY »

Why is early castration of bull calves important?

In the United States, more than 17 million bulls are castrated yearly that range in age from 1 day to 1 year old. FULL STORY »

Multi-university team zeroes in on feed efficiency

A 1 percent improvement in beef cattle feed efficiency could return as much as $700 million annually to U.S. producers, Iowa State University animal scientist Dorian Garrick, PhD, told participants in last month’s Beef Improvement Federation conference. FULL STORY »

Fight flies to protect performance

Fly season is in full swing, and Purdue Extension entomologist Ralph Williams, PhD, says insect control is essential as these pests can lead to disease and decreased growth rates in livestock. FULL STORY »

Novus: Oxidative balance can affect cattle health and performance

Beef producers are familiar with the performance standards of weaning weight, average daily gain, carcass quality and feed efficiency. One factor that can affect all of these measures of profitability has not received much attention – until now. FULL STORY »

Ractopamine hydrochloride held at Step 8

The Codex Alimentarius Commission decided to hold at Step 8 the global food safety standards for ractopamine hydrochloride (ractopamine) at its 34th Session that concluded Saturday in Geneva. FULL STORY »

International food-safety agency holds up standards on ractopamine

Elanco expressed disappointment this week as the Codex Alimentarius Commission held at Step 8 of the global food safety standards for ractopamine hydrochloride. FULL STORY »

Grass-roots genomics

A collaborative research and outreach project involving seedstock breeders along with university and USDA researchers seeks to unravel genetic influences in beef-cattle growth. FULL STORY »

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