2012 Sales Report

It’s Just one Thing- $

$Profit Results are Proven in the real world

At Leachman’s, we not only hope to provide the most profitable genetics in the industry, but we also continue to strive to make buying bulls a pleasurable experience for our customers. Be sure to call us any time you need a bull – we want to earn your business!

Here are a few of the top reasons to consider buying your next bull or female from Leachman Cattle of Colorado:

  1. Our maternal genetics build right sized cows.
  2. We are one of the few seedstock producers that measure individual feed consumption and conversion - today's most economically important trait.
  3. Our Stabilizers keep Angus type, color, and kind with heterosis.
  4. Our breed leading EPD’s rank in the Lowest 25% on BW, Lowest 30% on Mature Weight, Top 25% on IMF, and Top 20% on REA.
  5. Our $Profit EPD combines all EPD’s into one bottom line number to simplify bull comparisons.
  6. Our reputation genetics ensure that your calves earn top dollar.
  7. Our affordable bulls are offered in volume, year round.

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We hope that we can earn your business


Leland L Leachman