The price paid for less drought in Oklahoma

Perhaps the surest sign that the drought in Oklahoma has been severely dented is the return of severe weather that reminds us why Oklahoma is the heart of Tornado Alley. FULL STORY »

"Preg" check and cull replacement heifers early

Many Oklahoma ranchers choose to breed the replacement heifers about a month ahead of the mature cows in the herd. FULL STORY »

Frequently asked questions about bovine Tuberculosis

The diagnosis of four herds infected with bovine Tuberculosis in the first 5 months of 2013 is an reminder that Michigan dairy and beef cattle producers - and those around the country - should understand what they can do to reduce the risk of disease in their herd. FULL STORY »

Cow-calf corner: Note udder soundness for future breeding Play video

Glenn Selk discusses the importance of udder soundness. FULL STORY »

Another look at fall versus spring calving

As cow herd managers monitor the pasture conditions this spring and make decisions about rebuilding a depleted cow herd, some may wish to rethink the time of year that breeding and calving take place. FULL STORY »

Considerations necessary when implanting heifer calves

Heifer calves share the same economic benefits from implants as their steer mates but require a strategic approach to labeled implants and the timing of their use. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: May calving brings May flowers

What changed? The center delayed bull turnout to Aug. 1 for a May 10 calving start date. FULL STORY »

Calculating the success of an A.I. program

In this neck of the woods, there is nothing better than having coffee shop bragging rights. However, in many cases those bragging rights leave out a few important details. FULL STORY »

As the temperature rises, so do water requirements

Water is the most important nutrient for general animal wellbeing. If water intake drops below required levels, then decreased feed conversion, stressed cattle and dehydration will result. FULL STORY »

Producers should guard against heat stress in cattle

Old Man Winter held on longer than usual this year, but now summertime temperatures are taking hold, providing ample reason for cattle producers to guard against heat stress in their herds. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: To pass, 60 percent must calve in 21 days

As the calving season winds down, check the calving book. Count the number of cows that calved within 21 days from when the third mature cow calved. Keep counting until you get to the end of the calving book. FULL STORY »

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