Cow-calf corner: Body condition score affects on calving Play video

Glenn Selk discusses the importance of body condition scores as we move through calving season and into breeding season. FULL STORY »

Mississippi State University Extension unveils cattle app

A new app released earlier this week by the Mississippi State University Extension assists producers with important cattle management decisions. FULL STORY »

Replacement heifer prices

There is currently considerable focus on growth of the U.S. and regional beef cow herd, with many producers and market analysts closely watching cull cow slaughter rates and bred female demand. FULL STORY »

CattleSense: Research round-up

I know I’m not alone in my ongoing struggle to balance a limited amount of time with short-term tasks, long-term projects, continuing education, networking, and just finding time to think! But a recent road trip at least gave me opportunity to catch up on my overgrown reading pile, which turned out to contain several research articles I would like to share here. FULL STORY »

The value of the replacement heifer

Consider this your final reminder for the 2013 Ohio Cattlemen's Association Replacement Female Sale. It is coming up on this Friday, November 29, at 7:00 p.m. FULL STORY »

Preparing the cow herd for cold weather

Moisture, high winds, and cold temperatures increase the cow’s energy requirements. FULL STORY »

Nutrition’s vital role in herd rebuilding

Cattle prices have many producers considering herd expansion in the years ahead, one beef cattle specialist explains the impact proper nutrition has on the cow-calf operation. FULL STORY »

Observe bulls closely as the fall breeding season begins

The week of Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of thanks and turning in the bulls. Cow calf operations with fall-calving herds that target a late August, early September beginning to the calving season will put the bulls with the fall-calving cows now. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: How well did the bulls do?

The life of a bull is not simple because, for the most part, his life is somewhat confrontational. FULL STORY »

Need for dialog on antibiotics Play video

At the NIAA conference on antibiotic resistance, Western Kentucky University animal scientist Nevil Speer, PhD, notes the complexity of the science behind antibiotic resistance and the need for continued collaboration among stakeholder groups to protect antibiotic efficacy, consumer confidence and animal health. FULL STORY »

Prepare for a successful spring calving season

Someone once said “that Success occurs when Opportunity meets with Preparation”. Planning and preparing ahead for next spring’s calving season can help increase the chances of success. FULL STORY »

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