Commentary: GMO mojo

In two weeks, Washington will become the first state to require mandatory GMO labeling. That alone won’t dramatically affect the food industry, but the ripple effect will just be getting started. FULL STORY »

Midwest rural economy improves, regional issues cause for concern

Slow growth was observed in Midwest rural economies, but political uncertainty, low grain prices and cattle losses resulting from the unexpected winter storm prevented substantial improvement. FULL STORY »

D.C. Watch: SNAP divides House, Senate versions of farm bill

Congress finally passed a bill that reopened the government, at least temporarily, and raised the debt ceiling enough to allow the government to pay its bills for a few months. FULL STORY »

USDA to loan $181 million to build advanced biofuel refineries

The U.S. government on Monday announced $181 million in loan guarantees to build commercial-size refineries making advanced biofuels or to retrofit existing biorefineries to produce the cleaner-burning renewable fuels. FULL STORY »

Secretary Vilsack: Why I’m proud of our USDA employees

USDA employees across the country and around the world do critical work that impacts millions of lives. I am proud of our employees for many reasons, and I want to share just a few of their great accomplishments under the Obama Administration. FULL STORY »

Consumers reconsider high meat prices in October

Grocery shoppers are starting to second-guess the prices they see in the meat aisle as a monthly survey shows consumers are not as willing to pay high prices for most meat options. FULL STORY »

Obama says new U.S. farm bill is near-term priority

President Barack Obama, in a rebuke to proposals by House Republicans for steep cuts in food stamps for the poor, urged Congress on Thursday to pass a farm bill "that protects children and vulnerable adults in time of need." FULL STORY »

Farm bill alternatives: What is on the table?

Early indications are that the House and Senate members appointed to the Conference Committee will meet next week to begin reconciliation of the two separate proposals. FULL STORY »

Ranchers from neighboring states donating cattle to S.D.

Cattle producers from South Dakota’s neighboring states, as well as farms as far away as Virginia, are showing the country that in the cattle industry we’re all in this together. FULL STORY »

Cargill plans to close Texas feedlot in 2014

Hampered by consecutive years of drought and cattle herds moving further north, Cargill announced plans to close its cattle feedlot in Texas next summer. FULL STORY »

Do your part to prevent food loss

Food loss can be draining on your time and money, but there are many ways you can preserve perishable foods and prevent waste. FULL STORY »

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