Development policies aimed at farmers benefitted consumers

Given the lack of any new farm bill proposals to analyze, we would like to step back a ways and give a longer-term perspective on agricultural policy. FULL STORY »

Revenue insurance—a certainty in an otherwise unknown farm bill

As of the first week of December 2013, Congress has made little visible progress toward reconciling two different visions of the farm bill. FULL STORY »

FAO food prices stable with little change in meat, dairy

International food prices remained steady compared to the previous month and were lower than a year earlier as meat prices showed only subtle changes. FULL STORY »

Feeding a growing world population starts from the ground up

Food security for a growing world population expected to top nine billion by 2050 remains a top concern for the United Nations and agricultural groups across the globe, the U.N. says a key area of focus is soil preservation. FULL STORY »

Video series addresses “superbugs” in meat and poultry products Play video

Consumers aware of food safety issues may worry about “superbugs,” but the bacterium resistant to all antibiotics that can cause a foodborne illness is rare according to the latest Meat MythCrusher video. FULL STORY »

Lead negotiator sees January finish for overdue U.S. farm bill

Congress could enact a new U.S. farm law that cuts food stamps for the poor and expands federally subsidized crop insurance in January if negotiators soon break a deadlock, the lawmaker overseeing the negotiations said on Tuesday. FULL STORY »

Dodge ‘Year of the Farmer’ comes to life in photo collection Play video

The photographs that helped bring Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” essay to life in the Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercial are part of a 300-page photographic essay available from the Ram Truck brand. FULL STORY »

NCBA Op-Ed: EPA’s regulatory overreach

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), like every other governmental institution, should answer to the American people. Everyone agrees that we need to protect the environment, but we should do so in a way that is open and honest. Democracy requires transparency and accountability. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The beginning of the end?

EPA (finally) backs off from its previous mandate that billions of gallons of ethanol need to be pumped into the U.S. gasoline supply. The end of a disastrous policy? No, but it’s a start. FULL STORY »

2013 brings record number of cattle thefts in Oklahoma

High cattle prices make even a handful of cattle worth tens of thousands of dollars. The potential payoff has increased the number of cattle thefts in Oklahoma to a record high in 2013, and the year isn’t over yet. FULL STORY »

S.D. relief fund taking applications from livestock producers

Livestock producers affected by the early October blizzard have until the end of the year to apply for funding from a program that has already collected nearly $1 million. FULL STORY »

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