The LMA-VACC program is a preconditioning and vaccination program developed by LMA members to help consignors maximize the quality, health, and value of their cattle. The program also strives to give buyers greater confidence in the quality of animals they purchase through livestock markets and to provide consumers with a safe, wholesome, meat product.

LMA-VACC was created with livestock producers from coast to coast in mind. Recognizing that the needs and production styles of our livestock producers change from one area to the next, it's important to have a vaccination and preconditioning program that is flexible enough to work with consignors in many different production styles and strong enough to maintain the quality and confidence that buyers demand. The three distinct levels of LMA-VACC give buyers and producers the value and flexibility that our industry needs.

Level 1 includes vaccination requirements for producers who cannot background calves but want to prepare them prior to weaning to increase their resistance and immunity before they enter market channels.

Level 2 requirements are for producers who cannot background calves but want to provide optimal immunity and resistance before calves enter market channels.

Level 3 requirements are for producers who have the resources to background calves for at least 30-45 days prior to sale.

To be eligible for any level of the program, producers must provide adequate nutrition for calves, submit proper health certification forms, use proper identification, knife cut all bull calves and dehorn or tip all calves prior to weaning.

By recommending that consignors follow this process, we hope to deter health problems as cattle are marketed and commingled. LMA-VACC calves can be easily identified by the LMA-VACC ear tag.  Adding to the buyers assurance that if they "Look for the Tag", they will find a quality animal

LMA-VACC is a brand neutral preconditioning and vaccination program.  We encourage our member markets to work with livestock producers and their veterinarians to select the best vaccination products to meet their needs. This helps LMA-VACC to work cooperatively with most leading vaccination programs while still providing the flexibility and quality that our auction markets, livestock producers and buyers need.

For more information about the LMA-VACC program call (800) 821-2048 or e-mail

Source: LMA