GOLDEN, NM (August 1, 2007) – Lone Mountain Cattle Company (LMCC) is proud to announce that LMR Yojimbo has received the highest possible GeneSTAR ranking, posting 14-Stars. LMR Yojimbo is a Full Blood Wagyu yearling, owned and raised by LMCC.

The GeneSTAR report indicated that LMR Yojimbo had a combination of 14-Stars, testing homozygous for all four marbling gene markers and all three tenderness gene markers. LMR Yojimbo pedigree’s is equally superior as his GeneSTAR results— his grandsire, JVP Fukutsuru 068 is the highest marbling Wagyu bull according to the 2006 National Wagyu Sire Summary (EPD = +.70), compiled by Washington State University.

LMR Yojimbo is one of three known bulls in the United States to earn a 14-Star ranking, which illustrates the superior genetics LMCC strives for in their herd.

LMCC also owns Bar R 12P Takazakura, which received a 14-Star status earlier this year.

“We are please to offer both LMR Yojimbo and Bar R 12P Takazakura’s superior genetics at Lone Mountain Cattle Company and within the Wagyu industry,” LMCC owner Robert Estrin said. “With their outstanding GeneSTAR rankings and combined pedigrees and genetic profiles, these two bulls are elevating our genetic performance within the breed.”

Semen inquiries for LMR Yojimbo can be made to LMCC ranch manager Stan Hartman at (505) 281-1432 or email at Bar R 12P Takazakura semen is available for sale on ORIgen’s Web site,

The Wagyu breed is gaining strength as more cattlemen consider utilizing Wagyu as a way to improve marketing capabilities through the grid system. Wagyu offer calving ease and great fertility and though longer to maturity and not as heavily muscled as other breeds, they offer superior marbling characteristics with great tasting, healthy steaks.  Wagyu style beef is rapidly gaining popularity in the culinary industry as one of the finest meats to grace a white tablecloth.

For more information about the Wagyu breed and Lone Mountain Cattle Company contact please visit the ranch web site:

The Lone Mountain Cattle Company is a Full Blood Wagyu breeding operation located in New Mexico at Lone Mountain Ranch. Their goal is to create the best possible genetics of Full Blood Wagyu, and to be a leading U.S. Wagyu producer. By focusing on genetics, their long-range goal is to establish a Full Blood Wagyu herd of 150 to 300 breeding cows. Superior genetics are the key in taking their herd and yours Beyond Prime.