The ground is broke, posts have been set and as the dust clears the outline of sale pens and an arena takes on a more realistic feel at Lone Mountain Cattle Company (LMCC). With the anticipation of their first annual sale April 19, 2008, staff members and hired help have been putting in long hours under the New Mexico sun to construct the arena and viewing/holding pens for the future event.

“It has been our goal this summer to begin construction on the sale area and pens for the upcoming sale next year,” Bob Estrin, Lone Mountain Cattle Company owner said. “We are staying true to our New Mexico roots, with the look and feel of the southwest.”

In addition to the construction area, LMCC has hired James Danekas & Associates, Inc. as the sale manager for the production sale. JDA has over 35 years of experience in managing consignment and production sales throughout the United States. JDA has spent an extensive amount of time researching the breed and promoting LMCC throughout the western states.

“JDA’s expertise in the cattle industry, coupled with their professional management services, is a great addition to the planning and production of our first sale,” Estrin said. “James has visited LMCC and spent time evaluating our Wagyu herd and learning about the attributes and place in the beef industry.”

Though this was only his second time to see Wagyu cattle, Danekas came away from his visit at the ranch with a renewed respect for breed. “We were impressed with the quality of the herd. These quality females and bulls offer many great traits to any herd.”

“We are excited with the challenge of showcasing a breed of cattle that is new to a large percentage of cattle producers in the United States,” Danekas said. “LMCC is offering elite Full Blood Wagyu genetics with some of the highest GeneStar traits in the country for their first production sale.”

In addition to JDA’s services, C.D. “Butch” Booker of Colfax, Wash., will be leading the sale as head auctioneer. Booker is a renowned livestock and cattle auctioneer throughout the U.S. Booker is familiar with the Wagyu breed. 

“The LMCC production sale will offer the largest offering of Full Blood Wagyu cattle with more than 50 live lots consisting of females and bulls, along with embryos and several pregnancies,” Estrin said.

“Our goal is to offer cattleman the very best Wagyu genetic and bloodlines to infuse the breed into the beef cattle industry, “Estrin added.

For more information about the Lone Mountain Cattle Company and the upcoming sale visit the ranch web site: or contact LMCC Ranch Manager Stan Hartman at (505) 281-1432.