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Smashburger makes Canadian debut in Calgary

Smashburger, America's fastest growing "better burger" restaurant, is introducing their fresh approach to burgers to the Canadian market. FULL STORY »

Food price increases to slow down Play video

Last year grocery prices went up 6.4 percent. The USDA says food prices will continue to go up this year, but not as fast as they did last year. The USDA’s Bob Ellison has more. FULL STORY »

Beef prices strong, but cost, consumer confidence concerns remain

Although interest in beef production is high in part because of record-high prices producers have been fetching, some producers have concerns about rising prices for feedstuff and gasoline, which could make consumers less likely to buy pricey cuts, an Ohio State University Extension expert says. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Mistakes, missteps, misunderstandings

Maybe it’s still too early for a post-mortem on lean, finely textured “Dude, it’s beef!” But the litany of errors in positioning and promoting the product would fill a how-not-to-do-it marketing manual. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Re-think the pink

Maybe it’s too late to resurrect the reputation of textured lean beef, but framed differently, its ‘exposure’ as an ingredient in ground beef can be positioned as a positive for both industry and consumers. FULL STORY »

Getting what you asked for and not liking what you get

Americans have an enormous appetite for hamburger. By most estimates, ground beef consumption accounts for more than 50 percent of total beef consumption. Over the past few years, both the total demand for ground beef and specifically, the demand for lean ground beef have increased. The industry has responded by providing ever higher proportions of lean ground beef, in part, by using processing technology that includes lean finely textured beef (LFTB). FULL STORY »

Cargill cuts "pink slime" output, sees hamburger price rise

Agribusiness giant Cargill Inc said on Wednesday it would cut production of meat scraps critics call "pink slime" and said consumer resistance to the filler could lead to higher hamburger prices during the grilling season beginning this spring. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Run, retailers, run!

As the pink slime saga continues its sorry sojourn through another news cycle, retailers can’t abandon the product fast enough. But trying to capitalize on the media mess is unforgiveable. FULL STORY »

Taking a look at beef production and consumer demand trends

Beef is still a popular meal choice but consumer preferences are changing. FULL STORY »

Wendy's knocks Burger King out of No. 2 spot

Hamburger chain Wendy's Co knocked Burger King Corp from its spot as the second-largest U.S. hamburger chain in 2011, but sales of both companies continued to lag McDonald's Corp, the country's No. 1 restaurant chain. FULL STORY »

Commentary: What a difference a day makes

Following a tidal wave of negativity surrounding the Harvard report alleging that red meat will kill you, a few media outlets are beginning to offer more substantive food for thought. FULL STORY »

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