Everyone who mixes and loads pesticides and disposes of pesticide containers must understand proper procedure. Because pesticides are often in undiluted form during these tasks, there is potential for personal injury and environmental contamination when protocol is not followed. Use this 20-minute training presentation that is part of the DuPont Crop Protection Land Management Learning Series as a refresher course or training tool. It’s self-directed and available 24/7.

This training module advises:

  • Creating a plan before mixing and loading that considers regulatory information, location, emergency preparedness and proper equipment
  • Following mixture instructions as indicated on the label
  • Consulting state and local regulations along with the label to understand empty pesticide container disposal

Product stewardship is an integrated business process for identifying, managing and reducing risks to safety, health and the environment through all stages of a pesticide product’s life. And DuPont understands that training is an important component of stewardship, which is why we created the Learning Series, an easy-to-use and interactive training program. Practicing good stewardship is in the best interests of everyone, and together we play a role in sustainably meeting the challenges of a growing world.