Grazing Practices

Livestock may need protection from pastures

Cattle may be showing the effect of the drought, not necessarily by poor weight gain and performance, but with mortality by what they are eating. FULL STORY »

Volunteer crops can provide additional animal feed

There are reports of hay shortages, especially in western North Dakota, because rainfall has been sparse this growing season. FULL STORY »

Forage Focus: Drought? Stick to what you know

Rainfall we can't control. Management though is a different story. So what's your plan to manage through a hot, dry summer? FULL STORY »

Time of day of harvest and impact on nitrate concentration

Summer annuals are often used by cattle producers for summer grazing or harvested for hay. Plants such as Sorghum-Sudan hybrids, Sorgo-Sudan hybrids, Sudan-Sudan hybrids, and millets, all fall in this category. FULL STORY »

Cattle deaths point up dangers of drought-stressed forage

The deaths of two cows point up the deadly nature of drought-stressed forage, said Tom Troxel, associate head-Animal Science for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. FULL STORY »

Ranchers, farmers seeking solutions to U.S. water worries

Across the globe, water consumption has tripled in the last 50 years, and at least 36 U.S. states are anticipating some water shortages by 2013, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). FULL STORY »

Cow-calf corner: Testing summer annuals for nitrates Play video

Cow-Calf Corner is a collection of timely management tips of interest to cow-calf producers in Oklahoma. This week, Glenn Selk explains the importance of testing summer annuals for nitrates. FULL STORY »

Drought-stricken forages a threat to livestock

Drought-stricken forages that accumulate nitrates can kill grazing livestock, quickly, warns a University of Missouri plant scientist. FULL STORY »

Drought Monitor: Hot, dry weather replaces early weak cool front

A cool front brought showers and thunderstorms to the central and northern Plains and Upper Midwest early during this U.S. Drought Monitor (USDM) week, but it weakened as it scraped against high pressure over the eastern U.S., dropping minimal precipitation in the Ohio Valley. Another front brought limited rain later in the period. FULL STORY »

Alfalfa management considerations in a drought

An established alfalfa plant has a deep taproot that enables the plant to extract moisture from the soil and continue growing even under drought conditions. FULL STORY »

Drought can turn some forage deadly

Grasses that are normally a valuable forage can turn deadly when the rain stops falling and cattle producers need to think twice before turning herds out on to droughted pastures. FULL STORY »

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