Pasture Management

MU forage specialist fertilized fall pasture; now he awaits rain

Rob Kallenbach applied nitrogen fertilizer to his fall stockpile grazing plots just like he has mid-August every year at the University of Missouri Forage Systems Research Center. FULL STORY »

Hay feeding options to stretch short hay supplies

Arkansas’ drought has made hay in short supply and what’s available is expensive, raising the importance of stretching every ounce. FULL STORY »

Extension publication gives guidance on grassland restoration

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service has produced a publication with step-by-step instructions on how to restore native grasslands. FULL STORY »

Texas crop, weather: Corn harvest reports a mixed bag

As corn prices surge, the condition of the crop varied widely around the state, according to reports by Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel. FULL STORY »

Don't let your guard down on nitrates

A few spotty rain showers may fall even in the midst of heat and drought. FULL STORY »

Forage drought recovery: Looking back, planning ahead

So far 2012 has been a better year climate-wise than 2011. However, the full impact of the 2011 drought on warm-season forages was not fully realized until the early spring and summer of 2012. FULL STORY »

Stretching pastures during drought

As the drought continues, more cattlemen are asking how to stretch their pastures. There are two major techniques that may be pursued: one is to reduce the grazing pressure from the animal side, and the other is to supplement the amount of feed available. FULL STORY »

Forage Focus: Drought? Stick to what you know

Rainfall we can't control. Management though is a different story. So what's your plan to manage through a hot, dry summer? FULL STORY »

Texas specialists encourage producers to plant winter pastures

anting winter pastures this fall might not save livestock producers’ bacon, but doing so could certainly help them save what hay they have if there’s another drought next summer, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service expert. FULL STORY »

Continuing repercussions of the 2011 drought

I don’t like talking about the “D-word,” but the effects of the 2011 drought will be felt for years to come throughout the Southern Great Plains and the South­west due to its severity. FULL STORY »

Time of day of harvest and impact on nitrate concentration

Summer annuals are often used by cattle producers for summer grazing or harvested for hay. Plants such as Sorghum-Sudan hybrids, Sorgo-Sudan hybrids, Sudan-Sudan hybrids, and millets, all fall in this category. FULL STORY »

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