Pasture Management

Forage Focus: Pasture and hayfield renovation

As a result of last summer's drought, I am getting questions about pasture and hayfield renovation. What can be done to thicken up forage stands that have been thinned out? FULL STORY »

South Texas drought taking its toll on cattle ranchers

The unrelenting drought is taking its toll on South Texas cattle ranchers who are resorting to a centuries-old emergency method of feeding cattle. FULL STORY »

Interseeding legumes into pastures can lower costs

Clovers provide several benefits when they are used in pastures along with grass species. If the pasture species composition is 30 to 50% legumes research has showed us there is no benefit to adding additional nitrogen fertilizer. FULL STORY »

Farmers, ranchers mitigate impacts of drought with good planning

USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service is helping to mitigate impacts of drought across the nation. With good drought plans and conservation systems, farmers and ranchers are better equipped to manage dry and other extreme weather. FULL STORY »

Management tips for drought-stressed forages

The Midwest U.S. has seen some of the most extreme drought conditions of recent memory. Some precipitation has come over the fall and winter for much of this area, but not enough for most of us to feel comfortable about. FULL STORY »

Forages for summer grazing

Livestock producers and horse owners who use summer annuals for grazing and/or haying are probably thinking about what to plant this year. FULL STORY »

Ranchers develop planning methodology to best respond to drought

Like a general mapping out his strategy before going into battle, a rancher must be prepared to respond effectively to drought, one of the biggest threats to Great Plains ranchers. FULL STORY »

Forages: Underappreciated and undervalued

A person involved in cow-calf production or raising or backgrounding feeder calves is at some level a forage producer. FULL STORY »

Texas crop, weather: Much wheat is unlikely to make a crop

Despite recent rains that greened up much of the wheat crop, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agronomist is expecting a below-normal crop this year. FULL STORY »

Grazing and pasture management during and after drought

Thus far the winter has been warmer and drier than many were hoping for in Nebraska. The months that are historically the wettest are still ahead of us and hopefully will bring significant moisture. FULL STORY »

Cattle grazing: Order summer forage seed early

Cattle producers are being urged to buy early after last year’s drought caused shortfall of seed for summer forages such as sorghum, sudangrass, millet and crabgrass. FULL STORY »

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