Pasture Management

Figure costs before selecting nitrogen rates for pastures

Much of the nitrogen applied to tall fescue and smooth bromegrass hay meadows and pastures goes on in January or February in eastern Kansas. FULL STORY »

Controlling grass tetany

Grass tetany can become a problem during the months of February, March and April. FULL STORY »

Can we have more drought related problems ahead this spring?

The unique conditions leading into the spring of 2013 may be leading us into even more potential problems. A dry growing season last summer combined with poor forage growth in the fall has left almost no standing forage in many pastures. FULL STORY »

Frost seed to renovate pastures

Frost seeding is one method that producers can use to renovate pastures and improve pasture quality and/or the species mix within the pasture. FULL STORY »

Forage specialist offers methods of coping with drought

With a drought as severe as last summer's, the long-lasting effects require long-term adaptations from producers who are working with the limited water supply. FULL STORY »

Careful management aids drought survival

The U.S. Drought Monitor released on Nov. 20, 2012, shows the majority of Oklahoma and Texas in severe to extreme drought with northern Oklahoma and the Panhandle in exceptional drought. FULL STORY »

Grazing grass too short kills off root systems

In the prolonged summer drought, farmers noticed that grass stayed green longer in their hayfields than in their pastures. FULL STORY »

Webinars for ranch advisors to focus on drought planning

A spring webinar series will provide drought planning techniques and technologies to advisors seeking to help Great Plains ranchers manage through drought. FULL STORY »

Restoring rangeland after fire Play video

Dwayne Elmore examines rangeland forage regrowth after fire. FULL STORY »

Drought losses in Oklahoma top $400 million for 2012

Oklahoma absorbed more than $400 million in losses in 2012 due to the ongoing drought, according to estimates by researchers at Oklahoma State University. FULL STORY »

Tax planning for producers due to Drought Disaster designation

The Drought Disaster declaration has given livestock producers options for deferring income from livestock sales in 2012. This planning is best done prior to year end, giving you the opportunity to execute options that can help you manage tax liability. FULL STORY »

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