Pasture Management

PRF insurance is a risk management tool for 2013

The USDA Risk Management Agency has changed the Pasture Rangeland Forage (PRF) Insurance program for the 2013 crop year to include Nebraska in a Rainfall Index (RI) area. FULL STORY »

Wheat pasture production and economic prospects

Much of Oklahoma has received significant rain in the past week that is particularly timely for winter wheat pasture prospects. FULL STORY »

Rest pastures and stockpile grass for next spring

Rest pastures and stockpile forage now for a strong and early start next spring. Allowing livestock to continuously graze pastures while full feeding hay, provides little added nutrition, while damaging plants for future growth. FULL STORY »

Feeding cows hay now allows grass to recover after long drought

Feed hay in the fall and save the new green grass for winter. That plan can result in more feed for drought-stressed cow herds. FULL STORY »

Fall management tips for drought-stressed hay fields

We can’t control Mother Nature, but we can manage drought-stressed hay fields and pastures to minimize further damage in the coming years. FULL STORY »

Controlling next year’s weeds begins with fall inventory

Although it is too late to spray for most summer pasture weeds, agricultural producers can act now to improve their weed control program for next year by taking a weed inventory. FULL STORY »

Arkansas pastures improve slightly with rain

Following rain from Isaac and a strong cold front last Friday, Arkansas’ drought-shriveled hay meadows and pastures are showing a slight improvement. FULL STORY »

High wildfire risk between Fort Worth and San Antonio

Many areas of Texas remained hot and dry, and though fuel loads may not be as high as last year, the risk of wildfire is building. FULL STORY »

Pasture management after wildfire

Drought conditions in 2012 have greatly increased the incidence of wildfires affecting range and pasturelands. FULL STORY »

What if it rains - managing pastures

Today let's play a little game of 'what if'. As in 'what if it rains'? What if your pastures and hay meadows green up and grow. Should you graze? Will you succumb to the temptation? FULL STORY »

Forage testing: A key decision aide in 2012

Oklahoma producers find themselves out of their "comfort zone" as they go into the winter of 2012. Many have inadequate forage supplies. FULL STORY »

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