Rangeland Management

NDSU releases range monitoring video

The North Dakota State University Extension Service and Hettinger Research Extension Center have teamed up to produce a video titled "The Importance of Range Monitoring." FULL STORY »

Charlie Orchard at Chico Basin Play video

John Maday discusses the rangeland monitoring school with Charlie Orchard at Chico Basin Ranch. FULL STORY »

USDA scientists study effects of rising carbon dioxide on rangelands

Rising carbon dioxide levels can reverse the drying effects of predicted higher temperatures on semi-arid rangelands, according to a study published today in the scientific journal Nature by a team of USDA and university scientists. FULL STORY »

Tenants need to be prudent about farm improvements

Does the farmland you rent need tiling, limestone, conservation structures or other long-term improvements? FULL STORY »

Drought Monitor: Severe storm with tornadoes hit Southeast

A severe storm ripped through the Southeast this week. In its wake, at least 45 people were killed across Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Virginia, including over 20 in North Carolina alone. FULL STORY »

Forage Focus: Pasture renovation options

At the March kick-off meeting for the Athens area grazing council, some cattle owners talked about the beating some of their pastures have taken this winter. FULL STORY »

Grazing-pressure index could help manage stocking rates

Researchers from several institutions collaborated to evaluate the effects of grazing pressure on efficiency of grazing on Great Plains rangelands. FULL STORY »

DuPont Pastora herbicide receives federal registration

Cattle and commercial hay producers have an effective new tool to control problem grasses in Bermuda grass pastures and hay meadows: DuPont Pastora herbicide. FULL STORY »

Observe, respond, repeat

Adjust to changing conditions with flexible grazing strategies. FULL STORY »

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