Controlling and preventing pinkeye in cattle

K-State veterinarian Gregg Hanzlicek passes along the latest advice on controlling and preventing pinkeye disease in both grass and feedlot cattle, with a close look at vaccine management against this painful and costly condition. FULL STORY »

Costs and benefits associated with preconditioning calves

Preconditioning is the process of preparing calves to enter the stocker phase of the beef industry or to be directly placed in the feedlot. FULL STORY »

CattleSense: What’s in it for me?

It’s new! It’s exciting! It’s written up in all the ag magazines and beef e-newsletters: [Published research / field demonstrations / personal experience] give evidence of improved [growth / reproduction / health / value]. It’s the wave of the future! FULL STORY »

Preconditioning nutrition programs

The profitability of a preconditioning program depends largely on calf weight gains during the preconditioning period. FULL STORY »

Early weaning for the beef herd

This article could probably be titled "What to Do If All Else Fails". Certainly no one ever plans to find himself in a drought, short of forage, and with a group of cows too thin to breed. FULL STORY »

Beef calf preconditioning programs: Markets

Preconditioning programs are implemented around weaning time. FULL STORY »

Passive immune status 24 hours post-calving

Animal and veterinary scientists working at the USDA experiment station at Clay Center, Nebraska monitored health events and growth performance in a population of range beef calves in order to identify associations of these factors with passive immune status. FULL STORY »

Early weaning as a winter management tool

The vast majority of Ohio's calves from commercial cow-calf production are born during the first four months of the calendar year. While exact numbers are not available, the authors estimate through various surveys and post-meeting evaluations that roughly 20% of Ohio's beef calf crop are born in the last four months of the year. There are many reasons that a producer chooses a calving season but we would speculate that tradition and convenience would be at the top of most lists. FULL STORY »

The Consequences Of Shortcuts In Beef Cattle Production

Taking shortcuts on a beef cattle operation can have advantages but can also produce some undesirable or unintended consequences. Sometimes taking the easy route can be a recipe for disaster in terms of production output, animal value, and/or profitability. FULL STORY »

Cow Calf: Feedlot Facts On Weaning

‘Tis the season: weaning time. This month we’ll address on-the-farm weaning rations. The biggest hurdle in getting calves started off right in the fall is the weather. FULL STORY »

Healthy Heifer: Research Shows First-Lactation Benefit To Feeding Whole Milk To Calves

In a recently published study, heifers fed whole milk before weaning produced more milk during their first lactation than those fed milk replacer as calves. Israeli researchers published these results in the June issue of the Journal of Dairy Science. FULL STORY »

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