Booster vaccinations for beef calves

With cattle vaccinations; timing is important. FULL STORY »

Reducing respiratory disease at calf ranches Play video

Dr. Mark van der List, from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., discusses respiratory challenges that calves can face and how to help prevent disease. FULL STORY »

Calf well-being at weaning

The seasons are changing. Soon cows and calves will be gathered off pasture. Calves will be prepared for the next stage in the market chain: backgrounder, stocker or feedlot. FULL STORY »

Calf weaning time - Preparing for the celebration

Weaning beef calf strategies. FULL STORY »

What if we could see germs?

Protecting animals from disease pathogens (germs) requires that we look beyond what we can see. FULL STORY »

Risk factors for pre-weaning BRD

In an earlier article, we outlined some of the challenges associated with pre-weaning bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in beef calves. This article will describe some of the risk factors associated with pre-weaning BRD based on presentations from veterinarians at the 2013 American Association of Bovine Practitioners conference. FULL STORY »

Pre-weaning BRD

While a great deal of study has taken place on bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in feedlots, BRD also sometimes affects young calves, and less is known about the disease complex at that production stage. During the recent American Association of Bovine Practitioners conference, veterinarians provided some insight into pre-weaning incidences of BRD. FULL STORY »

Anaplasmosis prevention, an all season program

Many Oklahoma beef producers associate anaplasmosis with horse flies, and keep up a prevention program only during the fly season. FULL STORY »

Protect newborn calves from flies during fall calving

Recent heat and humidity have brought flies strikes back to serious levels. Special observation of newborn calves is critical. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: 1 percent is good money spent to protect calves

Cost versus income always is key, but cost versus prevention also is important. FULL STORY »

Fenceline low stress weaning

Spring calving herds across the Midwest and Southwest will soon be planning to wean the calves. Some producers may wean the calves from young or thin cows during late September in order to regain some body condition before winter adds to the nutrient requirements. FULL STORY »

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