Persistently infected BVD calves wreak economic havoc

Controlling BVD can have a positive impact on a cow/calf producer’s bottom line. FULL STORY »

Pre-Breeding Vaccinations Key to Maximizing Returns

Calculated losses from open cows in today’s market tally higher than you might think. FULL STORY »

Protecting your herd from disease

Remembering to take basic biosecurity steps can keep your herd strong. FULL STORY »

Tips to prepare for calving season

Planning ahead helps make calving season go better for you and the beef cow herd. FULL STORY »

Bovine respiratory disease: Diagnosis in the live calf

When bovine respiratory disease strikes feedlot calves, veterinarians and cattlemen usually don’t spend a lot of time determining the specific bacteria or virus (or mix of both) causing the problem. FULL STORY »

How good are we at detecting bovine respiratory disease cases?

Of all the different illnesses that can affect cattle, one syndrome far and away outdoes the others: bovine respiratory disease (BRD). FULL STORY »

Searching for the "right kind" of cattle

With current feeder calf supplies very tight, it would lead many to believe that cattle feeders are searching for any calf they can get their hands on to fill empty pens, but that may not be the case. FULL STORY »

Costs and benefits associated with preconditioning calves

Preconditioning is the process of preparing calves to enter the stocker phase of the beef industry or to be directly placed in the feedlot. FULL STORY »

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