Baytril 100 (enrofloxacin) is now approved by the FDA for use in dairy replacement heifers less than 20 months of age. Baytril 100 is an antimicrobial for first-line treatment of BRD that beef cattle producers and bovine veterinarians have relied on for more than a decade. This lifesaving antimicrobial kills all three major BRD-causing bacteria with a single dose.

Producers and veterinarians know there is no time to wait when a calf has BRD, especially valuable dairy replacement heifers. With the value of these heifers at an all-time high,  Baytril 100 provides a new, fast-acting, broad-spectrum BRD therapy option. Now, for the first time, dairy producers have access to the premier fluoroquinolone class of antimicrobials.

“The introduction of Baytril 100 into the dairy replacement heifer market gives producers and veterinarians access to the premier single-dose, first-line BRD therapy,” says Dr. Cary Christensen, Senior Director, Food Animal Products Business Unit at Bayer Animal Health. “We recognize that a significant number of dairy heifers will need BRD therapy each year. Baytril 100 will not only help save the lives of these animals, but will help ensure their lifetime value is not compromised by the effects of BRD during the first 20 months of life.”

Baytril 100 has been the choice of bovine veterinarians and beef cattle producers for more than 10 years, since its introduction in 1998, and is the largest-selling, single-dose antibiotic in its class. The first FDA-approved fluoroquinolone antimicrobial for use against BRD, Baytril 100 is proven with more than 30 million animals treated in the United States alone.

The unique mode of action and resulting speed means cattle begin to feel better fast. While many other antibiotics are bacteriostatic, Baytril 100 is bactericidal. The unique mode of action of Baytril 100 kills all three major BRD-causing bacteria in both the resting and growth phases of bacteria development – essentially killing the “heart” of the bacteria.

In addition, Baytril 100 is concentration-dependent, not time-dependent. This concentration-dependent therapy penetrates tissue and kills bacteria quickly; time-dependent drugs inhibit bacteria growth over time for as long as they stay in the animal at significant concentrations. Baytril 100 reaches therapeutic lung levels in just 60 minutes1 and peak killing concentration levels in only 4.5 hours.

“We are proud of the performance legacy of Baytril 100 in beef cattle and are excited to provide a lifesaving tool for this new market,” says Todd Firkins, Livestock Category Manager for Bayer Animal Health. “Baytril 100 will provide a proven and effective new treatment option for dairy veterinarians and their clients that raise replacement dairy heifers.”

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Source: Bayer Animal Health news release