The Society for Range Management, in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Department of the Interior, has produced a nine-minute video to tell a story about the role of livestock grazing on western public rangelands and their collective hope for a future of sustained rangeland health and enjoyment. The program is intended to foster broader awareness of the many public benefits derived from the responsible use and conservation of America's public rangelands.

“We believe it is the hope of all citizens that the magnificent landscapes and great open spaces of the American West can be preserved as our legacy to future generations,” states a Society for Range Management release. “We also hope that these lands will continue to be managed for multiple uses and values that benefit conservationists, recreationists and other public rangeland users.”

The video discusses livestock grazing and its contributions to a variety of important public interests and values, including:

  • The health, diversity and productivity of the rangelands
  • The quality of water resources
  • The health of habitat for diverse native species of plants and wildlife
  • The ability of rangelands to withstand noxious weed invasion and the impacts of wildfires
  • The preservation of open spaces in the face of a growing human population and increased urbanization of the American West.

View the video.