Nationally, pasture and range conditions are not too bad, with numbers looking about like they did at this time last year. The USDA’s Crop Progress report for the week ending July 5 shows 21 percent of pasture and range in the lower-48 states in poor to very poor condition and 53 percent in good to excellent condition. One year earlier, the report listed 24 percent in poor or very poor condition while 49 percent rated good to excellent.

Drought-stricken California continues to report the worst conditions, with 90 percent of its pasture and range rated as poor or very poor. Texas lists 53 percent of its pasture and range as poor or very poor, reflecting the ongoing drought across much of the state. Mississippi, Arizona, New Mexico and Louisiana also report poor conditions.

Conditions in the Midwest and Mountain West regions are generally good. The report rates 84 percent of Nebraska’s pasture and range and 71 percent in Kansas as good to excellent. North and South Dakota rate 74 percent and 76 percent, respectively, of their pasture and range in the top two categories, while Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and surrounding states also report mostly good conditions.

In the Mountain West, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho rate 85 percent, 82 percent and 80 percent of their pasture and range as good to excellent, respectively. Colorado, Montana and Nevada also report generally good conditions. Read latest report.