Grazing Bites - December 2013

Ruminants have the ability, through what I will call biological feedback, to instinctly know what they should be eating and how much. Their biggest problem is usually availability. FULL STORY »

CattleSense: Research round-up

I know I’m not alone in my ongoing struggle to balance a limited amount of time with short-term tasks, long-term projects, continuing education, networking, and just finding time to think! But a recent road trip at least gave me opportunity to catch up on my overgrown reading pile, which turned out to contain several research articles I would like to share here. FULL STORY »

Accurately comparing and pricing feed options for the cow herd

Feed cost account for approximately 40-70% of the annual cow costs involved in producing a weaned calf. FULL STORY »

Cow-calf corner: Use mineral supplements to prevent grass tetany Play video

Glenn Selk explains the importance giving mineral supplements to prevent grass tetany in mature cows grazing on wheat pasture this fall and winter. FULL STORY »

Do cows need protein supplements on corn stalks?

Two factors influence whether or not there is benefit to feeding cows a protein supplement when grazing cornstalks. FULL STORY »

CattleSense - Cowherd Nutrition: A LONG TERM Investment

You know those TV commercials for all the nifty little products that make you ask “Why didn’t I think of that?” And the characteristic narration that accompanies them? FULL STORY »

Cow-calf corner: Hay quality for winter feeding Play video

Glenn Selk explains the proper protein supplement rates based on various types of hay quality. FULL STORY »

Knowing hay quality affects supplementation strategy

Cattle producers in many areas of Oklahoma have been fortunate this summer to receive timely rains. FULL STORY »

Interval feeding of protein supplement to cows on range

Dry, pregnant beef cows grazing low quality warm season pastures in late summer, fall, and early winter are usually supplemented with high protein supplements. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: In search of late-season protein

Cattle need energy to survive the big picture, but that survival does not mean much if their daily nutrition is not balanced. Growth requires the appropriate combination of many nutrients, including protein, minerals, vitamins and even water. FULL STORY »

Hay meadow management for growth next year Play video

We discuss fall hay meadow management and its impact on cattle nutrition with Terry Bidwell and Dave Lalman. FULL STORY »

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