Hay meadow management for growth next year Play video

We discuss fall hay meadow management and its impact on cattle nutrition with Terry Bidwell and Dave Lalman. FULL STORY »

Cow-calf corner: Supplementing low-quality hay Play video

Glenn Selk talks about the importance of adding protein supplements when feeding lower-quality hay. FULL STORY »

Let grass, cows be guide when weaning

Producers should let the condition of their cattle and forage dictate when to wean calves, two North Dakota State University Extension Service specialists say. FULL STORY »

The “positive associative effect” of high protein supplements

For the first time in a couple of years, the eastern two-thirds of Oklahoma has substantial standing forage in many pastures as we go into fall. FULL STORY »

The real cost of limiting nutrients

Fall is rapidly approaching and all cow-calf producers need to access the body condition score (BCS) of their herd. Spring-calving cows are nearing weaning time and the fall is the most economical time to put weight back on. Now is also a key time to manage BCS score in fall-calving cows. FULL STORY »

Meeting the nutrient requirements of the beef cow

Using large round bales to feed beef cows limits a producer’s ability to precisely meet her nutrient requirements. Accurately predicting feed intake and nutrient analysis of forages can help. FULL STORY »

Late Summer Supplementation with Protein for thin cows

Because condition at calving and breeding are so important, it may at first seem silly to begin worrying about condition in the latter part of summer. FULL STORY »

Cow-calf corner: Mineral nutrition for grazing cattle Play video

Glenn Selk explains some of the challenges of determining vitamin and mineral nutrition for grazing cattle. FULL STORY »

Take the mystery out of mineral nutrition

Without a doubt, one of the most confusing aspects of beef cow management has got to be vitamin and mineral nutrition. FULL STORY »

Time of day of harvest and impact on nitrate concentration

Forage sorghums are used by cattle producers for summer grazing or harvested for hay. Forage sorghums can be very productive and high quality, but can also accumulate toxic levels of nitrate when stressed. FULL STORY »

Feed cows to get them through drought Play video

Getting cows through a drought in good body condition is crucial for both the cowherd and its progeny, according to Scott Lake, Extension livestock specialist for the University of Wyoming. FULL STORY »

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