Milk fever in beef cows

Minerals are critical to the health and performance of grazing livestock, and deficiencies and excesses can cause weight loss, decreased reproductive performance, and a variety of nutritional disorders. FULL STORY »

Putting average daily gain in context

Average daily gain (ADG) is a performance measure that many beef cattle producers monitor. Average daily gain is simply the rate of weight gain per day over a specified period of time. FULL STORY »

Mineral supplements reduce risk of grass tetany

For much of Oklahoma, wheat pasture is shorter than normal, but lack of hay, standing forage, and high priced supplements have forced some cow herds onto the graze-out wheat this spring. FULL STORY »

Enhancing profitability through preconditioning part I

Drought in the southern plains the last two years has made management decisions for cattle producers challenging to say the least. FULL STORY »

Cattle nutrition: Added enzymes reduce costly bloat losses

A Texas A&M AgriLife Research animal nutritionist is trying to decrease the severity of frothy bloat, the major non-pathogenic cause of death and reduced performance in cattle grazing hard red winter wheat in the southern Great Plains. FULL STORY »

Feeding beef cows in winter

Feeding beef cattle during the winter can be a challenging experience if being profitable is also one of your goals. FULL STORY »

Understanding nutrient requirements of beef cows

Understanding the nutrient requirements of beef cows is essential to ensuring that requirements are being met and cow performance is optimized while utilizing available feeds in a cost-effective manner. FULL STORY »

Explaining growth promotants used in feedlot cattle

Feed efficiency in cattle can make or break profitability in the feeding sector, and affects environmental implications. FULL STORY »

Stacking technologies increases stocker profitability

Implants and ionophores (i.e., Rumensin) are both proven technologies for stocker cattle production. However, some producers have asked what happens when these technologies are “stacked” together. FULL STORY »

Protein supplementation using urea

Urea is not protein, but for the ruminant (cattle) it does have the potential equivalent of 281% crude protein under certain circumstances. FULL STORY »

Improving feeder-cattle efficiency Play video

Consulting veterinarian Bob Smith describes how the proper use of performance technologies and nutritional supplements can benefit feeding programs when feed prices are high and arriving cattle are nutritionally stressed. FULL STORY »

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