Non-protein nitrogen in protein supplements for beef cows

Beef cows consuming low-quality forages are almost always deficient in protein. Thus, supplements comprised of high-protein ingredients are recommended over high-energy supplements. FULL STORY »

Using wheat pasture as a winter supplement for cows

Last winter many Oklahoma cow calf producers utilized wheat pasture as a mainstay in the winter nutrition program for the cow herd. FULL STORY »

How nitrates affect cattle Play video

UNL Beef Cattle Nutritionist Jim MacDonald explains why a drought causes nitrate problems in cattle. FULL STORY »

What’s holding you back?

Back in basic nutrition class, we were introduced to the concept of “first limiting nutrient.” FULL STORY »

Feeding corn silage to growing and finishing cattle

This year the drought has put a lot of stress on cattle feeders. Because of low yields, many cornfields were harvested as silage for cattle feed. FULL STORY »

Vitamin A can be deficient in a drought

Vitamin A is rarely a concern in range cattle nutritional programs because it is readily synthesized from carotene that is common in green growing plants. FULL STORY »

Winter pastures could reduce supplementation and feeding costs

Planting winter pastures this fall could reduce and likely eliminate the need for cattle producers to buy expensive protein and energy supplements this winter. FULL STORY »

Feeding alternatives in a forage deficit

Based on the calls and e-mails we've received over the past week or so, it appears most cattlemen have similar concerns - what are my feed alternatives? FULL STORY »

Feeding drought-damaged corn to livestock

High temperatures and sustained drought have resulted in severe damage to many corn fields, which now are unlikely to produce economic grain yields. FULL STORY »

April beef management calendar

Remember to follow these beef cattle management tips as temperatures get warmer. FULL STORY »

Winter feeding - A look back

These warmer winter temperatures and open foraging ground may get you wondering if you can cut back supplementation all together in a winter like this, leaving the cows to maintain themselves on available forage. FULL STORY »

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