Solving the efficiency puzzle: Are we missing something?

There has been a tremendous buzz throughout the beef industry the last few years and the buzz is “efficiency”. FULL STORY »

Tanks, tubs, blocks, cubes, buckets, and bales

Winter is often the time of year when nutritional supplementation of beef cattle herds is at its peak. FULL STORY »

Cattle Feeding: Salt and DDGS

Salt has been used for years to limit the intake of a palatable concentrate feed such as cottonseed meal, corn or other mixes. It allows you to self-feed and reduce the labor of caring for your cattle. FULL STORY »

Plan ahead to reduce risk of grass tetany

Because of drought and short forage supplies in 2011-2012, more than ever Oklahoma producers are looking to wheat pasture for winter feed for mature beef cows. FULL STORY »

November beef management calendar

Remember to follow these beef cattle management tips as temperatures get colder. FULL STORY »

Consider both energy and protein during drought supplementation

Traditionally, when cow-herd supplementation is discussed we focus on meeting the protein needs of the cow, with goal of maximizing forage intake by supplementing protein, the most limiting nutrient in the available forages. FULL STORY »

Sorting cows for more efficient winter supplemental feeding

Cow calf producers in the Southern Plains are searching for every management strategy that will improve the efficiency of the feeding program for their cow herds. FULL STORY »

CattleSense: Consistency, continued

Last month I reviewed some basic nutritional principles, all of which reinforce the importance of being able to consistently deliver desired levels of each essential nutrient to our cattle. FULL STORY »

Supplementing with wheat pasture for cows & creep feed for calves

Short, drought-stressed native and Bermudagrass pastures and diminished hay supplies have some cow-calf producers looking at wheat pasture as a potential source of winter feed for cows. FULL STORY »

Large round bale storage

By properly storing large round bales outside, dry matter and nutrient loss can be minimized FULL STORY »

Audio: Feeding your cow herd this winter

K-State beef cattle scientist K.C. Olson talks about planning the cow herd feeding program for this winter, considering two scenarios that many Kansas herdsmen will contend with: an overall shortage of forage, regardless of quality; or an adequate volume of poor-quality forage. FULL STORY »

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