Large round bale storage

By properly storing large round bales outside, dry matter and nutrient loss can be minimized FULL STORY »

Audio: Feeding your cow herd this winter

K-State beef cattle scientist K.C. Olson talks about planning the cow herd feeding program for this winter, considering two scenarios that many Kansas herdsmen will contend with: an overall shortage of forage, regardless of quality; or an adequate volume of poor-quality forage. FULL STORY »

Knowing hay quality affects supplementation strategy

Producers have purchased hay from unknown sources or have harvested hay that usually they would have left for deferred grazing because of the drought. FULL STORY »

Start planning for winter feeding

Looking for a more cost-effective way to feed your cattle this winter? As the demand for hay continues to increase and prices continue to rise, many Midwest cattle producers are searching for cheaper alternatives to winter feeding. FULL STORY »

Improving the efficiency of hay use

Like never before, this is the winter feeding season to consider ways to improve efficiency of harvested forage use. And fortunately, a few relatively simple concepts or strategies when combined could reduce the need for hay to about 2/3 of what most of us think we need. FULL STORY »

Supplement considerations for beef producers

Often when faced with winter supplementation decisions, such as what to feed and when to feed it, producers may become overwhelmed by the numerous options available. FULL STORY »

The potential for grazing winter pasture with cows

In most years, winter pasture would be planted by Sept. 1 and some fields would be turning green at the start of October. FULL STORY »

Tough decisions for roughage

The 2011 drought is resulting in livestock producers making tough decisions in an effort to minimize the number of livestock that may be sold to try to balance feed resources with animal inventory. FULL STORY »

CattleSense: Consistency counts

One of the t-shirts that rotates through my laundry room reads “ CONSISTENCY: It’s only a virtue if you’re not a screwup.” But when it comes to feeding cattle, success does hinge on being able to consistently deliver the nutrition each animal needs. FULL STORY »

White clover& tall fescue for stocker cattle

They have been offered up as a panacea for tall fescue toxicosis. They have been said to provide free nitrogen fertilizer out of thin air.We are told they make cattle grow faster and rebreed quicker. Clovers do provide many benefits to pastures for stocker producers. FULL STORY »

Testing forages to determine a supplemental feeding program

This year more than ever, beef producers should have their forages tested for quality. As spring-borne calves are weaned those considering holding calves for a short feeding period, or backgrounding these calves, forage is likely going to comprise 50 percent or more of their diet. FULL STORY »

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