Fall fertilizer applications to hay fields and pastures

As you are probably well aware the price for agricultural inputs has increased dramatically. Fertilizer is no exception. The price of fertilizer is so high that several cattle producers have asked me if it is economical to apply fertilizer to pasture and hay ground this fall. FULL STORY »

Don’t let your guard down on nitrates

A few spotty rain showers have been welcome surprises in Northern Oklahoma over the last several days. They are not the kind to end a drought, but they momentarily cool the air, make the pastures and hay fields look a little greener, and improve farmer and rancher attitudes. FULL STORY »

Be phosphorus smart

Follow these suggestions to help prevent phosphorus-containing soils from entering lakes and streams, which can have a negative impact on water quality and oxygen levels. FULL STORY »

Creep feeding for beef calves—Know your numbers

Beef cow-calf producers should calculate the economic return for creep feeding calves each year. FULL STORY »

Improve winter cattle feed with nitrogen

When it comes to winter feed for beef herds, applying a pound of nitrogen to pastures in August gives a good return. FULL STORY »

Nitrate toxicity after a drought-easing rain

Oklahoma summers often bring “high pressure domes” that cause 100+ degree days and no rain. The resulting heat stress can cause nitrate accumulation in summer annual forage crops. FULL STORY »

Summer grazing goals

Meeting the nutritional needs of cows in mid lactation involves knowing what the nutritional requirements are and it is also necessary to have some idea of what nutrient level is being provided by the pasture forage. FULL STORY »

Closely monitor medicated mineral intake

Medicated minerals are available and frequently used to help prevent the blood-born disease, anaplasmosis. FULL STORY »

Understand and prevent grass tetany

Cattlemen with livestock on grass pastures in April and May should be aware of the possibility of grass tetany. FULL STORY »

Grass Tetany -- an ounce of prevention

Early spring is the period when cattle are at most risk for grass tetany in Iowa. Grass tetany is actually a magnesium deficiency (hypomagnesemia). FULL STORY »

Don’t Forget the Phosphorus

When considering mineral supplementation, one of the more costly nutrients is phosphorus. One may be tempted to skimp on the phosphorus level in a mineral, thinking that forages will make up for it. FULL STORY »

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