Meet the lean, mean eating maching Matt “Megatoad” Stonie. The college student is ranked #2 in the world for competitive eating – and just broke the world record for most bacon consumed in five minutes.

Before the Daytona 500 NASCAR race on Sunday afternoon, Megatoad teamed up with Smithfield Foods to make the record attempt. When the five minutes on the clock ran out, the lightweight champion with a heavyweight appetite had demolished 182 slices of bacon. According to Smithfield’s website, one slice of bacon rings up 80 calories. So within the length of time it takes most people to prep their kitchen to fry some bacon, Megatoad had consumed 14,560 calories. The King of NASCAR, Richard Petty, and Aric Almirola, driver of car #43, were also on hand to judge the competition.

Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

Click here to watch the YouTube video of Megatoad schooling the world in the art of eating bacon.


In a growing trend amongst the culinary community, more and more chefs are ditching meat cut kings like filets and tenderloins and going after lower end cuts such as chuck and shoulder meat to challenge themselves in a culinary feat.

In an article on Thrillist, searching for the “ultimate meat-truth,” 17 accomplished chefs throughout the country were surveyed on the most overrated and underrated meat cuts. Five of the chefs said the filet mignon and beef fillet cuts were the most overrated.

"It's an extremely popular cut, but as a steak lover, it’s one of my least favorites. It’s a good cut for those who aren’t big on meat because it doesn’t have much natural fat (which I love, but I know some people aren’t into eating a chunk of steak fat). The flavor is just less robust and beefy than other cuts,” says Chef Laurent Tourondel, owner of two New York City restaurants.  

While Chef Tourondel named Wagyu tri-tip as the underrated cut of meat, Chef John Besch of New Orealans, who also named the filet mignon as the most overrated cut of meat, advocated for more challenging cuts of pork shoulder, lamb shoulder and beef chuck. 

"I use all three in my recipe for baeckeoffe (a meaty stew) in my new cookbook, Cooking from the Heart: My Favorite Lessons Learned Along the Way. The cheaper cuts of pork and lamb are completely transformed in this succulent stew,” he says.

Restaurant owner, Chef Brian Malarkey says the most overrated meat is grass-fed beef.

““I like my cows fat, with personality. No one talks about a grass-fed pig, but we all love our pork – same with duck, rabbit, and chicken. You can be organic and free-range and still eat well. Grain, barley, soy, corn, alfalfa – it’s still natural! Maybe I’ll start feeding my beef basil so they smell like my snails...,” he shares.

When asked about the most overrated meat, Chef Malarkey and Chef Tom Colicchio agree on rabbit meat for similar reasons.

“"It's the pork of tomorrow! The duck of the future! They are very sustainable and oh-so-tender! Now we just need people to forget how soft and cuddly they are. Heard of grass-fed beef? I like carrot-fed RABBITS!!!” says Chef Malarkey.

Click here to read the full article.


 “Every day millions of bros drink protein shakes in order to get jacked, yoked and totally swole. But most bros are unaware of the scary chemicals and artificial ingredients inside these shakes. If bros keep pounding the stuff at this rate, we could face a total bro colony collapse.” – savethebros.com

In a heart wrenching campaign that puts the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals commercials playing Sarah McLachlan’s “In the arms of an angel” to shame, protein shake company Organic Valley is on a mission to save one bro at a time.

Don’t know what a bro is? They’re the meat heads who can be found fist pumping in clubs and one-upping each other at the gym, getting their swole on. To the left is Dom Mazzetti, aka The Brofessor. The “MASStrophysicist” is the man behind BroScienceLife, a YouTube series that teaches the average Joe how to be “Alpha all the time” on “50 percent fact, 50 percent magic and 100 percent results.”

Ironically, the main target audience for Organic Valley is more likely to use synthetic supplements and even steroids to get an edge on their gains.

Maybe the bros do need saving – from themselves.

Click here to watch the #savethebros commercial.

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