A third of boozed up vegetarians fall off the meatless wagon

“One tequila, two tequila, three tequila… screw it, give me a bacon cheeseburger.”

In a poll conducted by VoucherCodesPro in the U.K., a third of the vegetarians surveyed fessed up to eating meat after overindulging in alcohol, with 63 percent holding strong to their diet after knocking back a few.

Here’s a breakdown of information from the weak 37 percent of 1,789 vegetarian Brits who participated in the survey:

  • 34 percent admitted to breaking their meat-free diet every time they get drunk
  • 26 percent said they ate meat “fairly often” after drinking
  • 22 percent said they “rarely” ate meat when drinking
  • 18 percent “occasionally” broke diet when drunk

“Let me just quote the late, great, Colonel Sanders. He said, “I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.”’ – Ricky Bobby

But if you’re a vegetarian who suddenly gets a hankering for meat after poppin’ bottles all night, what will be your food of choice? For those surveyed:

  • 39 percent – Kebab meat
  • 34 percent – Burgers
  • 27 percent – Bacon
  • 19 percent – Fried Chicken
  • 14 percent – Pork Sausage  

And finally, of the 37 percent with the meat munchies, a whopping 69 percent kept their affairs in the closet, with only 31 percent sharing their weakness with others.

Click here to read the full survey.

For the love of jalapeño bacon mac and cheese

While it could be argued that the above drunks who broke their diet made better life decisions when under the influence, the same cannot be said for Luke Gatti, aka, Mac and Cheese Kid.

Gatti, a 19-year-old punk college student at the University of Connecticut, walked into the University’s student union with an open bottle of booze with his heart set on getting some jalapeño bacon macaroni and cheese. When asked to leave by the manger and being told, "You can't come in here with an open bottle of booze, dude. Think about it!” he continued to cause a disruption.

After continually yelling about how he just wanted some jalapeño bacon macaroni and cheese and beginning to get out of hand, he was eventually manhandled and hauled off by campus police.

Must be some fine mac and cheese.

The beef thief

Can we just take a second to talk about how the new iphone 6s has 12-megapixels and can take photos that can be blown up in huge portraits, while everything captured by security camera’s is fuzzier than WWI footage?  

Now that is out of the way, look to the security image on the left. Have you seen this man? According to a Florida new station, he is wanted for lifting $120 worth of meat from Target in Lee County.

The dreadlocked, barefoot man reportedly filled a handheld basket full of various beef and pork cuts and tried to walk out of the store unnoticed to his getaway bicycle. However, security chased after him, resulting in him ditching his bike and the meat to get away.

Sigh. Florida.

A new meaning to the term, “fat face.”

“What’s that smell? It’s so enticing. Your face smells like pot roast.”

Belcampo, the creature of tallow-based skin products, has brought out a new line that features face cream and balm made from beef fat. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to make you smell like a piece of meat so you can attract all the nearby dogs to play with since FatFace Skincare products are infused with scented essential oils. However, the thick creams are perfect for dry skin, especially as the winter months approach.

Click here to learn more about the products.

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