Everyday this month we will be counting down to the top Christmas gifts for ranch men and women! Stay tuned on our Facebook page everyday or check out our site on Sundays for a recap of the week's gifts. Enjoy your Christmas season too with gifts from Drovers CattleNetwork by registering here.

The first gift is Editor Alan Newport's choice "Memories of Old Friends, Old Flames, Old Times and the Tales We Can Tell", by Kenneth Eng.

With a forward by Baxter Black and original art on nearly every page by Texas Panhandle native Bud McCaulley, Eng's book makes a nice centerpiece for the coffee table, together with an easy and rewarding read any time you pick it up. Available from Eng ranches, (515) 743-6331 or by email from engnm@hotmail.com.


Drovers Christmas Countdown Day 2 featured Editor Alan Newport's pick Mechanix Wear original gloves. 
Not a replacement for leather work gloves, but still tough, still warmer than no gloves, and with enough dexterity to allow most work with gloves on instead of cold hands. Go to www.mechanix.com or search the Mechanix Wear store on Amazon.com.

Drover's third Christmas gift is Cabela's Roughneck insulated jacket! Maybe as tough as Carhartt and definitely warmer with 200-gram Thinsulate insulation, Cabela's Roughneck hooded coat comes in regular and tall sizes. Find it on Cabelas.com.

Do you need better footing on those slick winter days? Yaktrax can keep your feet on the ground when ice and snow hits -- and without dangerous spikes. The original model is listed under "Walk" on the company homepage or explore different models at www.yaktrax.com.

Drover's last gift of the week are fleece neck gaiters! Borrowing its name from the gaiter that covers your lower pant leg and boot top to keep snow out, the neck gaiter covers that gap between your coat top and your hat, be it a felt cowboy hat, a ball cap or stocking cap. Brand isn't that important but go for medium weight and medium length. The very long ones won't lie low enough when not needed and are hard to stuff in a pocket. Others are a bit too short and don't keep out the extreme cold around the neck when you are warming up your ears and nose.