We imagine a connoisseur might describe it as “steely, with a hint of barnyard.” If you fancy a glass of well-aged camel urine, don’t.

The World Health Organization says camel milk and urine can give you MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. If that sounds bad, it is. MERS leads to fevers, breathing problems, pneumonia, kidney failure and other deadly complications.

Okay, you’re thinking, the camel milk is understandable. But camel urine? Yep.

Since the seventh century, inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula have been drinking camel urine as a cure for whatever ails them. Some salons use it as a remedy for hair loss, and it’s even occasionally prescribed by some doctors. GTN suspects the “miracle” of this camel home-remedy was first discovered and sold by a distant ancestor of Dr. Oz.

Expensive vegan leather

As a consumer demographic, vegans fit nicely into the eco-conscious segment, which is why Tesla Motors, the American company that manufactures and sells luxury electric cars, will include fake leather in their vehicles. The leather in seats and steering wheels requires a significant donation from animals, which is a no-no to vegans, but cloth substitutes don’t seem adequate for a vehicle that can cost more than $100,000.

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Ferrari all offer models with faux leather seating, and other automakers are using more natural components like soy foam in their seats. The BMW i3 offers an interior with open-pore eucalyptus wood harvested from a “certified forest,” which is a forest that is “responsibly managed.” The trend of luxury automakers toward even more luxury confirms what we’ve long believed, that going vegan is an expensive choice.

Suicidal deer

Ever wonder why the DOT puts deer crossings in areas of high vehicle traffic? Ford County, Ill., officials ceased with erecting the silly deer crossing signs, opting rather to warn drivers when they are entering an area of suicidal deer, with traffic signs that proclaim… “suicidal deer, next 5 miles.”

Officials say the deer leave no notes behind, and they’re fairly certain they’re not doing it for the insurance payout.