Somewhere in the middle of Missouri, along Interstate-70, a giant sign lures motorists with these words: “Beer, Fireworks, Tattoos.” All the necessities in one stop. It’s such a great marketing scheme that Whole Foods seems ready to join the fun. Whole Foods, the retail food chain with 431 stores specializing in organic foods, is scrambling to re-energize its business after giants like Walmart, Target and others have ventured into the organic market.

Last year, Whole Foods announced it would open a new chain of stores called 365, which targets millennial shoppers and the budget conscious with smaller stores and lower prices. Among the brainstorms 365 considered to attract millennials is… tattoos. As in, “Honey, let’s go to the store for some almond milk, cage-free eggs and a tattoo.”

Call us skeptical, but we find more than a little irony in the idea organic and natural food customers are viewed as prime tattoo customers.


Friday Funnies

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Jerky Sales Spike

Jerky is enjoying an American renaissance. According to market research, Americans spent $2.8 billion on dried meat snacks last year.

Millennials are snacking more than ever, and people want more protein in their diet, according to the National Snack Food Association. There are even several “jerky-of-the-month” clubs that will ship a new flavor direct to your door – for anywhere from $24.95 to upwards of $100 per month.

A company called Epic, founded in Austin, is making all-natural, organic meat bars filled with nuts and dried fruit.


Rancher Responsible for Priming Snow for 2018 Olympics

Cattle rancher Tom Johnston is a Wyoming cowboy gone global who's the master of snow for Alpine skiing events at the Pyeongchang Olympics. Johnston, the chief of race for 2018 Olympic skiing events, is responsible for preparing the snow to world-class conditions at the next Winter Games. "This job was always just to support my cow and my tractor habit. That's all," Johnston said.