Headline: "Chipotle to put pork back on the menu by November 30" (Various sources)

New York Post says their Chipotle's carnitas have reached celebrity status, just like McDonald's McRib.  Considering all the nonsense behind their tragically disappearing and then miraculously reappearing supply, maybe the more apt comparison should be 'just like the Kardashians.'

Headline: "Why Beef is the New SUV" (CNN)

On one hand, CNN's Take 2 writer, John D. Sutter, gets orgasmic over a perfectly barbecued brisket from Snow's BBQ in Lexington, Texas.  On the other hand, he proceeds to trash beef because of it's supposedly outsized carbon footprint. A guilty pleasure? Not at my house.  PS: I own an SUV, too.

Headline: Consumer Reports: Grass-fed beef contains fewer harmful bacteria (WRAL.com)

Consumer Reports says "consumers should choose ground beef labeled as "no antibiotics," "grass-fed" or "organic." Sustainably-raised beef is becoming more widely available and can be found consistently at natural-food stores such as Whole Foods."  Suggestion based on 300 samples of organic vs conventionally raised product, representing something like a millionth of a percent of all ground beef consumed in the U.S.  CR needs to stick with publishing reliability rankings for cars and washing machine comparos.

Headline: Ceresco church notes 50 years of beef (Wahoo, NE newspaper)

The town's United Methodist Church continues a half century old annual tradition of serving a beef dinner to anyone in the community.  Righteous folk doing good things, feeding good people good food. 

Headline: Big Bite: Why beef is soaring in price (CBC News, Calgary)

Shrinking North American herds, soaring worldwide demand.  Time to make sure there are no 'openings' in your herd? Will the industry insist on its usual boom-and-bust cycle and go gonzo full-speed ahead on rebuilding or try managed growth for a more reasonable long term profit margin?

Headline: Beef imports soar as South Koreans turn away from prized local cuts (Reuters, S. Korea)
South Korean cattle herds aren't sufficient to meet local demand. Good News Imports are up - way up- even as prices soar. Bad News: Chief trading beneficiary is Australia.

Headline: Carrie Underwood's Crying Cows (Cattlenework)

When she was a child back home on the family farm in Oklahoma, she claims she heard sobbing, heart-broken calves crying our for their mamas. She said the trauma from that experience turned her away from meat. I have a mental picture of her with a box of tissues chasing down the poor little critters, hoping to wipe away those sad tears, all to the sound track from the Sound of Music. Ever wonder how the Sooner state can turn out so many great country stars and why so many of them have life problems?

Headline: The problem with making meat in a factory (Slate)

Growing meat-like substances in a lab somewhere in south Jersey to replace feed lot production is what a few scientists say is in the near future. Is this the real definition of factory farming? The real source of that mystery meat found in school lunches and cheap hot dogs? Is Petri dish pork soon to be found on dinner plates everywhere? Inquiring minds would rather not go there.

Headline: Whole Foods’ expensive, ‘humanely treated’ meat is a ‘sham,’ PETA lawsuit claims (Washington Post)

PETA calling a Whole Foods marketing claim a sham? Their idea of ethically treating animals is to kill them on site. Time and again, they've been exposed for being grossly unethical in their treatment of rescues. They've been accused of killing 90%+ of every animal they 'protect' in Virginia, often within minutes.