One suspect in an Alabama burglary learned a life lesson the hard way: you better be a world-class sprinter if you’re going to try to outrun a bull. 

According to WHNT 19 News in an article here, last week, a homeowner in Arab, Ala., reported two people burglarizing his home. Local sheriff deputies quickly responded and pursued the suspects to the Union Grove area, where the suspects' truck then crashed.

One of the suspects fled into a wooded area while the other, Brad Lynn Hemby, opted for an open pasture.

He would live to regret that decision.

As Hembly fled across the pasture, he grabbed the attention of a bull that quickly joined the chase. 

Now pursued by both beast and the Man, Hemby continued to run. Unfortunately for him, there was just one more obstacle between Hemby and freedom - a barbed wire fence. After falling into the fence, Hemby surrendered to deputies.

Read, “Burglary suspect unsuccessfully flees deputies, ornery bull in chase” adds Hemby was arrested and charged with burglary, criminal mischief and attempting to elude a police officer. Click here for more.